Adeola Gardens (For Sale)

Adeola Gardens
₦ 1,350,000

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Adeola Gardens
₦ 1 Million
about 9 months ago
For Sale
600 m2
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Property Description

Adeola (Crown of Wealth) Gardens is a private residential estate designed to be one of the top-notch estate across the region. Adeola is situated at, Abule Agbon, Apakin, Ibeju-Lekki LGA, Lagos. Adeola has been designed to create an enviable experience for quality living with good facilities and recreation centered to suit the taste of our clients.

Adeola comprises of 84 plots a total land area of 54,432 SQM with 50 plots of land available for sale and the remaining plots reserved for the development of residential apartments comprising of 2&3 Bedrooms flat and 3 Bedrooms Terrace with 1 BQ.

Adeola Gardens is a product of OZ Property and Development Company Ltd, At OZ Property, we fully understand that we are assessed by the level of our services and are truly dedicated to providing superior service that results in the best value for our clients. Our objective is to create and sustain client relationship through our professionalism. FAQ


  • Present title: Deed of Assignment and Survey (Excision in Progress).
  • Future Title: Certificate of Occupancy.

Estate Features

  • Perimeter Fencing.
  • Treated water supply
  • Paved roads
  • Street Light/Illumination
  • And lots more.

Proposed recreation

  • Green area
  • Long Tennis / Basketball court
  • Gym house
  • Swimming pool.


Outright payment: N 1,350,000.

(Outright payment attracts; Two solar panels, one inverter 1kva and one battery)

Flexible payment plan of;

6 months: (N 1,350,000)

  • 50% Upfront N 675,000
  • Monthly Payment: N 112,500.

(payment within 6 months attracts; An inverter 1kva and one Battery)

12 Months: (N 1,485,000)

  • 40% Upfront: N 594,000
  • Monthly Payment: N 74,250

(Payments within 12 months attracts; An inverter 1 Kva)

24 Months: (N 1,782,000)

  • 30% Upfront: N 534,600
  • Monthly Payment: N 51,975

Other Fees

  • Legal Fee: N 50,000
  • Survey Fee: N 500,000
  • Developmental Fee: to be determined.

Allocation starts in March 2018.

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